martes, 5 de enero de 2010

The Economist esta semana

Taser diversifies its arsenal | Proto-RoboCop: The iconic maker of stun-guns aims to take policing into cyberspace.
YOU know you have made it when the name of your firm mutates into a verb, as with Google and Hoover. A recent addition to this select group is Taser International. To be "tasered" is to be briefly paralysed by an electrically charged dart fired from one of the firm’s stun guns, usually by police seeking to pacify someone without resort to firearms.

Schumpeter | Womenomics: Feminist management theorists are flirting with some dangerous arguments.
The recent financial crisis proved that the sort of qualities that men pride themselves on, such as risk-taking and bare-knuckle competition, can lead to disaster. Lehman Brothers would never have happened if it had been Lehman Sisters